the world’s first marketing company empowering people instead of the corporations.


Across the globe, we are united in our dedication to empower the people.

Partnering up with people to build world’s first marketing company who is empowering people instead of corporations.

A true peer to peer marketing company, where you get to help each other by connecting with right people in the financial and retail industries and make money while doing it.

It’s Simple: Connect your friends, family, and peers with the right people in the financial Industry where they get to save Money and you get to make money.

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A company that truly cares about people!

Join Screaming Eagle Group to become the best marketing consultant.



— Our Mission

Our Mission is to build a system where people are empowered by helping each other. A system that shares a piece of the pie with the people. So, the people can benefit from it instead of major corporations.


— We Build Networks

Our team works tirelessly to build network with the companies who follow our model and believe in giving back to the society.


— We Strengthen

We believe in strengthening our ties with communities, so we can help empower each other rather than depending on corporations.


— We Educate

We take pride in educating people about the financial industry, so people can make a wise decision for themselves to protect their dreams and future.


— Our Vision

Our Vision is to help people understand the concept of Insurance, Mortgages and Accounting by providing them options, so they can make a better decision for themselves and their families.


— We find

We find to work with companies who believe in providing options to people where the people gets to choose the right product for their family instead corporations deciding what is right for them.

What people say?

I joined screaming eagle last month as a side Job. My first month I cleared $1200.00, and all I had to do was refer my friends to an insurance agent who ended up saving them a lot of money.
Sammy H
I love how the APP they have updates on all the leads I generate. Few extra hundred a month helps me with my college expense without working long hours at the restaurant.
Sam Patel
I joined Screaming eagle this month. The reason I joined this company was to make little extra income without working crazy hours like I did in UBER driving my car. I was able to make enough to pay my car payment and my insurance without driving my car around town.
Abdul Raheem
My father became an employee of screaming eagle and they were able to connect me to a good insurance company who helped me save money on my home and a car insurance. My father made his money and I saved money on my insurance. Win-Win for our family. Love Screaming eagle.


Your Insurance, Mortgage and Accounting Agent for Life!
Weather it is Insurance, Mortgage or Accounting services, We Do it all! Our organization works for the people instead of working for the companies, Because we’are independent and select the best solutions for our customers by partnering up with more than 80 leading national and regional carriers.

Founded in 2003, Nations Lending has a long history of helping families achieve their dream of homeownership. We take great pride in not just closing a loan, but finding a custom tailored financial solution for each client we interact with. We recognize that the needs of each client may be different. We believe that the relationship, and the trust we build with our clients sets us apart from the typical “one size fits all loan factory”.

We serve an extensive variety of clients located throughout the United States. Being a small business, we comprehend the need of other small businesses. Therefore, our firm is a strong believer in maintaining an open and close relationships with each of our clients. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality services while retaining an urban environment. Plus, we like to save our clients ton of money.

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