the world’s first marketing company empowering people instead of corporations


Across the globe, We are united in our dedication to empower people.

That is why Screaming Eagle has created an easy to use platform where anyone can join. This gives individuals the opportunity to have an additional source of income that they control. We are the world’s first marketing company that solemnly focuses on empowering people instead of corporations.

A true peer to peer marketing company, where you get to help each other by connecting individuals in need with the right financial experts. Whether it be for mortgage, insurance or business loans, we have the expert for you! All you have to do is connect your network with our experts and everyone wins!

While we make money so do you! It’s simple: Connect your friends, family and peers with the right experts on our team and help them save money, while you get to make money!

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A company that truly cares about people!

Join Screaming Eagle Group To Become A Successful Marketing Consultant



— Our Mission

Our Mission is to build a system where people are empowered by helping each other. A system that shares a piece of the pie with the people. So, the people can benefit from it instead of major corporations.


— We Build Networks

Our team works tirelessly to build relationships with companies that follow our model and believe in giving back to society just as much as we do.


— We Strengthen

We believe in strengthening our ties with communities, so we can help empower each other rather than depending on corporations.


— We Educate

We take pride in educating people about the financial industry, so people can make a wise decision for themselves to protect their dreams and future.


— Our Vision

Our Vision is to help people understand the concept of Insurance, Mortgage and Commercial Financing by providing them options to make better decisions for themselves, their families and their businesses.


— We Find

We are very specific about the companies we pick. We want to ensure that the companies we work with believe in providing people with all options available and educating them on those options. This ensures that people choose the products/services that best suits their needs, instead of letting corporations decide what is right for them.

What people say?

I joined screaming eagle last month as a side Job. My first month I cleared $1200.00, and all I had to do was refer my friends to an insurance agent who ended up saving them a lot of money.
Sammy H
I love how the APP they have updates on all the leads I generate. Few extra hundred a month helps me with my college expense without working long hours at the restaurant.
Sam Patel
I joined Screaming eagle this month. The reason I joined this company was to make little extra income without working crazy hours like I did in UBER driving my car. I was able to make enough to pay my car payment and my insurance without driving my car around town.
Abdul Raheem
My father became an employee of screaming eagle and they were able to connect me to a good insurance company who helped me save money on my home and a car insurance. My father made his money and I saved money on my insurance. Win-Win for our family. Love Screaming eagle.


When the people you serve turn out to be your next-door neighbors, you have a little bit more respect for the job. After approving millions of dollars in home loans, we are still committed to serving customers as if it was our first day in business. We’re not your grandfather's mortgage company. Happy Mortgage is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be connected to the community. It’s our duty to educate, inspire, and most importantly, enable families everywhere to start building a future as homeowners.

Powered by Skylight Insurance. The insights and quality of services we provide help our valued clients navigate the complexities of the insurance process. In so doing, we play a key role in building a safer, more protected world for our clients and our communities all while ensuring an easy and efficient experience. For every client, we assemble a personalized team with knowledge to address your specific issues quickly, efficiently and with ease. We are the modern day insurance concierge.

PPG Finance is a capital consulting firm offering custom loan solutions to businesses, entrepreneurs, and real estate developers. We have partnered with a large number of lenders to ensure each business and real estate venture reaches the success they need. With easy, cost-effective, and convenient capital programs, PPG Commercial Financing dedicates itself to the growth and prosperity of each customer.

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